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Who We Are

We are a marketing arm working to identify properties & owners
looking for an alternative solution to potentially negative impacts of short sales

What We Do

Our team works closely with a researcher/legal group who focuses on helping owners identify and uncover egregious lender practices. Most but not limited to outright fraud under the Fair Debt and Collections Act (Us Title 15 1692) Consumer Protection Act)

Most “Too Big to Jail” Lenders fit the category since most of its loan have been purchased, bundled, resold through Wall Street

These Are Just a Few of the Ways We Can Help You through the use of:

FAIR DEBT COLLECTIONS Act (Us Title 15 1692)

(Consumer Protection Act)

We help CLIENTS Dispute, Challenge & Stop Lender Actions:

Servicer's cannot - change terms or conditions (modification) something they never created or have possession of-(Pretender Lender) this is why only 6% of homeowners actually receive a modification.

Relates to - False Lenders, Servicers, and Bank Identification – masquerading as debt holder attempting to collect the debt. (Pretender Lender)

Loan Modification - is a scam because it reaffirms the debt, binds you to a new contract, so they now can foreclose legally once you breach the new contract terms and conditions of the new agreement.

Most loans were securitized - Securitized means sold to Wall Street. Once loan is sold it becomes unsecured debt because of IRS tax deductions see below.

Once written off - discharged, IRS benefits granted and accepted by original Lender, Lender disappears forever and debt does not exist and becomes an unsecured debt.

Now the Debt Collector must follow FDCA-Consumer Protections Act - for unsecured debt.

Can no longer validate the debt once securitized - all documents are destroyed and becomes a stock. The put into REMIC Trust (Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduit)

Cannot have a Note and a Stock at the same time - Illegal under SEC Regulation called Double Dipping.

Use SEC website to see if loan securitized Need information from Deed of Trust- Name of Trust, Series, Lender’s Name, Loan Amount, Closing Date, City, State, & Zip Code.

We make your lender prove “Standing” - Foreclosing Party must prove they are the “holder of the Debt” and how they acquired the debt through bona-fide documentation (Assignments)

In Securitization the Investor(s) are the beneficiaries -   and are the only ones that can legally foreclose. Multiple investors or pools of owners/beneficiaries make it impossible to foreclose.

Improper Recordation current Mortgage note holder must have been recorded in title with successor & assigns relating to discharge of mortgage.

Break in Chain of Title  most original Lenders are out of business and no longer have interest in the note anyhow – so if they perform a Foreclosure it is illegal or unlawful because of break in chain of title.

Robo-signers were created to rubber stamp and re-create Notes w/o verification and authority for bank execs to advance the fraud of foreclosure.

Pooling & Servicing Agreement- when PSA rules are broken, trust & chain of title are invalid.

Unlawful foreclosure many times loans were securitized and the mortgage documents were not delivered to the Trust – This makes it unlawful for that Pretender Lender to foreclose.

Foreclosing party must prove   they are the “holder of the debt”.

Servicer has no right   to collect funds

This is a Pro se based action however; we work close with a local attorney who may have to make court filings etc. (If they have an attorney we will present our findings & the researcher team work closely with them) We enter into partnership with the seller allowing them to financially benefit from the settlement Main benefits:

  1. Zero Cost Loan Analysis: We look at chain of title and assignments before we take the case.
  2. No Upfront Fees: We cover the cost for the actions but rent the property to help offset those costs.
  3. Lower Settlement: This is not a short sale, it is an out of court private settlement
  4. Cash to Seller: The seller(s) may receive $10,000-$20,000 at the time of settlement.
  5. Freeze the Foreclosure Process: The legal action halts the foreclosure during the time of settlement thus remove the threat of foreclosure.
  6. No Deficiency: Short sales can require an unsecured note (primarily on second mortgages)
  7. Credit Bureau Reporting: Part of the settlement request requests the Credit Bureau expunges negative settlement language. As you know a short sale arrangement is reported for 2-7 years.  See resent letter of settlement for example
  8. Removal of Uncertainty: The group does not take a case that does not quality
  9. Private Settlement: These are not made public and the sellers maintain privacy and anonymity

Settlements time frames vary from lender to lender; this is usually not an immediate resolution We are cash buyers (with proof of funds) once settlement is reached the agent we work with receive a full commission There are no long drawn out approvals or risk of losing an impatient buyer Next Steps

  1. Contact the person who sent you to this site to get the process with your client started
  2. Prelim Loan Analysis Set In Motion
  3. Conference Call With Client Set Up
  4. Conference Call With Attorney (When needed) Set Up
  5. Program Docs Executed 

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We Are A Real Estate Investing Company

Our company buys, sells, and rents homes. We will not be acting as your real estate agent or broker if we buy your house, sell you a house, or rent you a home. We are excited to potentially work with you directly OR if you are represented by an agent or broker. We are focused on improving neighborhoods and redeveloping areas that we work in. If you have additional questions on agencies please contact your local real estate commission.